• Sumit Dutta Gupta

    Sumit Dutta Gupta

  • Anand Vaidyalingan

    Anand Vaidyalingan

  • Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • Jason Segall

    Jason Segall

    Theoretical Physics student at the University of St Andrews who has apparently decided he can write. Email: jadsegall@gmail.com

  • Ratnaprabhu M

    Ratnaprabhu M

  • Murali Kashaboina

    Murali Kashaboina

    Technology Innovation Leader | Forbes Council Member | Entrepreneur | Industry Speaker | PhD Researcher AI/ML/DS

  • Jørgen Veisdal

    Jørgen Veisdal

    Writer of Privatdozent. Editor-in-Chief at Cantor’s Paradise. Associate professor.

  • Divyosmi Goswami

    Divyosmi Goswami

    Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

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